“Section 8 Housing Rules”

“Section 8 Housing Rules”

In an interview with Next Big Futures, the editor of The Onion, Aaron Sorkin, shared the new rules for Section 8 housing.

He says he wants to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing, including seniors.

“Section eight housing rules are basically, that if a person is in an apartment, that person should be able to live there for the duration of the year,” Sorkins explained.

“The problem with housing in this country is that people get evicted, they get kicked out, they don’t have a place to live.

And then, we’ve got this massive problem of seniors living in this house.”

He also shared some more tips for making sure your family members don’t get priced out of your rental property: “If you have a young child or a young family, the biggest tip is to stay out of the market.”

If you have older siblings, he says, “make sure they’re not living on the street.”

“Don’t let them move out because they’ll be forced to move in,” Sison added.

“If they’re a senior, they’re probably not going to be able [to] afford to rent an apartment.

So, it’s a really important thing.”

The new rules also offer some suggestions for renters: “Stay away from large commercial buildings.

You’re going to have problems with people,” he said.

“Don (sic) stay in large commercial areas, they’ll block your view of the street.

You might have to stay in a small commercial area, where you have some windows and stuff, just to make sure that the window isn’t getting smashed by somebody.”

You can check out the full interview here.

The “Section Eight Housing Rules,” which were published by Next Big Ideas, will be published in the magazine’s September issue.

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