What the house looks like at the end of a two-year renovation

What the house looks like at the end of a two-year renovation

By Matt Lacey | 11 May 2016 08:00:00This is the first house that I have actually actually looked at at the start of the project.

It is a small Victorian home on the outskirts of Melbourne, and I had been researching this house for a few months.

The house was built in the late 1800s by the estate agent William Gee, who sold the house in 1884 to John Gee for $10,000.

He sold the property in 1899 for $30,000, and was paid $25,000 to restore it.

In the process, he found that he had neglected his job, and the house was now in a state of disrepair, and he needed a new contractor to complete the job.

This was the second house I had ever looked at and the first I had actually seen for myself.

It was built by a young man called William Hodge, and when he had finished his work, he bought the house and it was renamed after him.

As a result, the house has become the home of a few generations of family.

A few of the details I noticed during my research:The house is surrounded by an extensive garden.

The house itself is about 6 metres by 8 metres and includes two large wooden courtyards, a barn, a large storage shed, a small garage, a well-furnished guest house, and a shed for a barn.

I also noticed that the house had a large front porch that is quite large, and there was also a very small one that was built into the back of the house.

There are several bedrooms that are separated by large wooden walls, and in the house is a bathroom.

When the house first came in to be renovated, it was built as a two story house, but it is now a one-storey, four-bedroom house with a number of bedrooms and a kitchen.

William Hodge bought the property at a very attractive price for his family, and so it was very important to him to get it right.

Hodge lived on the estate and he sold the land to the estate agents, who had to take care of the estate in order to get the property ready for the restoration.

After he had completed the work, the estate agreed to sell the property to Hodge’s family, who then took care of it.

The estate agent paid a lot of money for it, but they were all very happy to have it restored.

On the day of my visit, I walked through the house, which is a lovely and old-fashioned Victorian house.

I noticed that there was a large oak panel, and this had been built in 1887.

One of the rooms was in the rear of the main house, next to the shed, which was used as a guest house.

The other room was a storage shed.

We went to the back and found an old, worn-out rug, and then we went to look in the front of the shed.

I saw that there were lots of mouldy old clothes in there.

The old ladies had painted over some of them and they had some old paintings hanging on the walls.

Finally, I went back into the shed to look around and I noticed a wooden plank.

I took it out of the wall and put it on the plank, and you could see the old paint on the wall.

So this is where the house came from.

The original house was bought in 1883 and it is a very nice house.

It has a large garden and the garden has been a living room and a bedroom for years.

I was very pleased to see it restored, and it now has a wonderful charm and it has a nice feel.

What is the house made of?

I found out that the original house, the original plan, was built around the two-storeys of the building, and that the second floor was actually part of a house that had been constructed a few years earlier.

From that, I was able to reconstruct the two stories and the front porch, which were built around two smaller sections of the original front porch.

Then I found out more about the house itself, which consisted of a large two-story home on one side and a small, wooden three-storeier house on the other side.

At the time of its restoration, the property had a roof, but when I visited the property today, the roof had been removed, and now the house sits in a large, unfinished basement, with lots of rubble and debris.

How many bedrooms are there?

Four bedrooms.

Where does the garden come from?

It was actually a large and beautiful garden that grew out of one of the courtyard walls.

There were a number people who visited this property over the years, and many of the people who were invited to visit over the next few years also took part

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