How will the NRL rebuild the footy business?

How will the NRL rebuild the footy business?

It’s a bit like trying to rebuild the football team from scratch after an earthquake.

It’s not the first time the foot-y business has been in flux.

In the mid-1990s, the AFL was on the brink of collapse and was in the process of being sold to an American conglomerate.

The AFL was in a state of collapse, and in its final season, the team finished sixth and made the finals.

So how will the new owners rebuild the Footy business when they are in the midst of a financial meltdown?

They will be relying on the public purse, which is currently worth more than the AFL’s share of the business.

AFL commissioner Josh Green said the league would need to raise around $1 billion to complete the rebuild.

“If we can put a bit of the public back into the footY, we’ll be OK,” Green said.

How much will the AFL raise?

Green said the AFL will need to borrow $1.5 billion, which will require the league to borrow from the Federal Government to cover some of the costs.

He said the amount was “likely” to be closer to $2 billion.

But he said the public will not be in a position to finance the reconstruction of the AFL until the league’s share was paid back.

There’s also a risk that if the AFL is not paid back, the money would not be available to repay the debts of players and clubs.

Green has already said the NRL’s financial problems are a “public health emergency” and he said he expected a review of the NRL by the NRL board would be completed in the next few months.

What happens to the footies?

“The footY will be the most significant element of our operations,” Green told the ABC’s 7:30 program.

“(The AFL) will be a casualty of its own success.”

The AFL has a much more robust and stable business model.

“It will survive the collapse and be the footiest business in the game.”

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