Why is this president-elect Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law and close adviser, Vanessa Marquez, at the White House?

Why is this president-elect Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law and close adviser, Vanessa Marquez, at the White House?

This is an excerpt from Vanessa Marques’ book ‘The Trump Effect: Inside the Trump Administration’s Battle to Sell Its Way Out of the 2016 Election.’

“She is one of the closest confidantes and political advisers to Donald Trump, who was elected to office by a margin of more than three million votes.”

The book also discusses Trump’s decision to nominate Marquez as a special adviser to the president-for-life, and the influence of the Marquez family in the Trump White House.

The book is about a time when a woman from California became a major player in the White Senate.

Vanessa Marque has been the unofficial White House spokeswoman for the Marques family, helping to raise money and raise awareness about the cancer-stricken grandmother and her fight to fight for the lives of her daughter- in-law, Ivanka Trump.

The Marques sisters, Marquez and Marquez’s husband, Mariano Marquez-Balart, are also part of the Trump administration.

Vanessa’s role is one she has been in for more than a decade, working as an adviser to her mother-in, who is also a former White House official.

Vanessa Marquez has been working with the Marouquis family for a number of years.

She was previously a political aide to Trump during the 2016 election.

In the book, she describes her father-in law as a “political warrior” who is a “fighter”.

In a 2015 interview with ABC News, Vanessa said she was the “most passionate and driven” person she ever met.

The president-Elect is expected to make a decision on her nomination on Wednesday, and Vanessa says he will be “fortunate” to pick her.

“I think it will be a good choice.

The president- elect likes the Marque family and it’s a family that has been a major part of his life.

He knows that Vanessa has done a lot for him, and that’s what will make it a good pick,” Vanessa Marquese told ABC News.”

He knows Vanessa has a good ear for what people need and wants, and will be able to do that,” she said.

Vanilla Marquez said she felt “really fortunate” that she was selected as the White, House communications director, in the role.

“It is very rare for someone of my stature to be the communications director,” she told ABC.

“There are so many people around the country that are in that role that are not, and there is so much work to be done.”

We want to be able help him to be more inclusive, to be a better messenger to the people and to make him a better president.

“Vanessa says her father has had “a lot of people on his team” during his presidency.”

That’s the role that I have to do and I think that it’s really important for a person to be given that opportunity,” she added.

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