What you need to know about the stars of the 2018 Sydney Opera House season

What you need to know about the stars of the 2018 Sydney Opera House season

The 2018 Sydney opera house season begins tonight, Sept. 23, and will run through Oct. 13, with the most expensive tickets going on sale to the public starting at 6 a.m. local time on Sept. 24.

The show will also be streamed live to your computer and mobile device at the Sydney Opera Houses website.

If you’ve ever wondered what the stars looked like before the stars appeared on stage, we’ve got a good recap for you: Read more: The 2018 season features four of the best-known stars in the world (including Kim Kardashian, James Gandolfini, and Olivia Munn), plus the best new faces and stars.

Check out the full schedule below.

Sept. 22: Anna Kendrick & The Pussycats: The Pissers, The Black Crowes, and The Lonesome Crowd will open The Pusher, a new musical based on a real life event.

The Pushers will open with a rendition of the anthem “I Will Always Love You,” performed by The Black Cats.

The performance is followed by a live rendition of “The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover,” written and performed by the Lonesomes.

Sept 22: John Legend & The Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Red HOT Chili Pepper will be the featured act.

The concert will take place in the same venue as The Red Hugs, the first of three sold-out concerts at the Soho Theatre.

The first shows at the new venue will be at 7 p.m., followed by an encore performance from Legend, The Red and The Black.

Sept 23: The Beatles: The Last Christmas will open in the Opera House.

The Beatles’ historic hit “I Want to Hold Your Hand” will be performed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Sept 24: The Chainsmokers: A Christmas in Harlem will open at the Opera house.

The band will perform a new version of “Christmas in Harlem” written and directed by the late Paul McCartney.

The song will be written and written again by the band, who will perform it on the same stage as their live show.

Sept 26: The Rolling Stones: Rock & Roll Christmas will play in the S.W.A.T. section.

The New York-based rockers will open the show by playing “Let It Be” written by John Lydon and performed live by The Rolling Jam.

The Rolling Band will also play.

The following evening, the Rolling Stones will perform “Love Me Do,” written by Bob Dylan and performed at the New York City Opera House, followed by the Rolling Band performing “Rock and Roll (Live)” at the Royal Albert Hall.

The night will close with the Rolling Stone performing “Don’t Stop Believin’,” written by Pete Townshend.

Tickets are on sale for $69.95.

The full schedule can be found here.

Sept 28: Miley Cyrus: The Miley Show will open its Broadway debut.

The musical will be a collaboration between Miley, her band, The Killers, and a small group of celebrities.

Sept 29: The Beach Boys: The Big Bang Theory will play.

This will be Miley’s first performance at a Broadway theater.

The album, which was released on Sept 19, will be played for the first time since 2009.

Sept 30: David Guetta: The Pogues: The Ballad of David Guettas, a tribute to the late David Guillermo Rodriguez, will open.

The Balladega Nights will open, with a tribute performance from Guetta.

Sept 31: The Rock & Jazz Singers: Jazz Fest will open to the general public.

Jazz Fest is a two-day event that is open to concert-goers and the public.

Sept 32: Michael Jackson: Jackson’s final concert will be on the stage at The Soho, a venue previously used by The King.

Sept 33: Bruno Mars: Mars will perform his new single “I’m Still Here,” written for him by Justin Timberlake and performed on the rooftop of the Royal Melbourne Theatre.

Sept 35: Lady Gaga: Gaga will perform her “Born This Way” concert, which will be broadcast live on the SBS TV channel.

Sept 36: Lady Luck: Luck will perform at the Grand Opera House for the fourth time.

She will open her show with the song “Donna Summer” written for her by Paul McCartney, performed live at The Royal Albert and followed by “Let’s Get Crazy.”

Sept 37: Beyonce: Beyoncé will perform with her album Lemonade at the London Opera House and at the Barbican.

Sept 38: Adele: Ade will perform two concerts at Buckingham Palace, one at the Palace of Versailles and the other at the Metropolitan Opera House in London.

Sept 40: Lady Macbeth: Macbodie will perform in her final concert

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