Elon Musk’s house of representatives is getting a lot bigger

Elon Musk’s house of representatives is getting a lot bigger

Elon Musk has a house of reps in California.

The House of Representatives is currently home to two members, a Republican and a Democrat.

In 2018, the chamber will have eight Democrats and six Republicans.

This year, the Democratic-controlled House has elected a Republican, so it will be looking to elect a representative in 2019.

However, the Senate will be full until 2021.

The house is home to the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Tom Price, who has a history of voting against Trump and Trump’s nominees, and has voted against bills that have affected the environment.

This includes the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which aims to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The plan would also include a requirement that carbon emissions from power plants be cut by 90% by 2030, a reduction of the EPA’s target for 2030.

The Republican-controlled Senate has voted to repeal the Clean Power Act and the plan that it would have to comply with, with a Republican Senator leading the charge to block the rule.

The House of Reps is also home to three members who have been outspoken on climate change and renewable energy, both of which have caused a lot of controversy in Congress.

Representative Barbara Lee is the most prominent member of the chamber to be critical of Trump’s climate change policies.

She is also one of the few Democrats in the House to have spoken out against the administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

In 2017, she wrote a letter to President Trump calling for his administration to make the country a global leader on climate and that it should withdraw from all fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.

Representative John Shimkus of Illinois, another outspoken critic of the Trump administration, has also been critical of the administration.

In 2018, Shimkus voted against a $1 trillion spending bill to address the Zika outbreak.

He has also voted to block funding for the National Institutes of Health, an agency that has been instrumental in the fight against the virus.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Representative John Shumway, both Democrats, voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline, a controversial oil pipeline that would have run through Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

They also voted against funding for Trump’s proposed border wall.

In 2020, Lee voted to remove the Affordable Care Act from the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act.

The law requires that all federal agencies must be fully funded in 2018, but Lee voted against it in a bid to avoid further funding for Medicaid, the health care program for the poor and disabled.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the AHCA would cause more than $10 trillion in federal deficits over the next 10 years.

Representative Peter Welch of Vermont has been an outspoken critic and critic of Trump, calling him a “war criminal” for his policies.

He was one of three Democratic lawmakers to vote against the AHC.

In 2016, Welch voted to strip funding from the Department of Education, a program that helps low-income students and students with disabilities.

He also voted in 2017 to repeal a law that required states to provide free or reduced-price health insurance to low- income families.

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