What’s a mini-house for? – The MMQB

What’s a mini-house for? – The MMQB

The mini-home that could.

A three-bedroom, three-bathroom home that is both a place to live and work in a small house.

This was the idea of a real estate agent who, like most people, wants to live a more modest life.

He wanted to make a point that living small is something that’s normal.

“I wanted to use the mini-residence as an opportunity to showcase the home in a way that it wouldn’t have otherwise,” said the agent, who asked that his last name not be used.

“It’s a beautiful home that can be used as a place for business, to be a family room, a play area, a private retreat, or even just as a bedroom.

And it’s a great opportunity to build that lifestyle in the space.”

[Courtesy of the owner] The mini house would offer all the amenities you would expect to find in a standard two-bedroom home, including a living room, dining room, and a kitchen, plus an additional two bedrooms and a master bedroom.

The home would also have an attached garage and a walk-in closet, plus a large yard and a private driveway.

The house would also include a master bath, and it would include an on-site spa.

The buyer, who plans to use it as his primary residence for the next several years, plans to put it up for sale at a price tag of $1.3 million.

The owner said he would love to build a second one to add more living space, but is also open to looking at a smaller, more affordable home if the buyer would like it.

“A lot of people who have small properties that they’re renting, they can’t get away from the city, they don’t like the city and they don.

And so a lot of us are trying to get out and make that decision,” he said.

“So I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to create this home.

It’s an opportunity for people who are not as well-off as I am to get a little bit of extra money, a little little bit more space, a bit more privacy.”

The mini home would have a maximum size of 16 feet by 14 feet by 3 feet.

(Photo courtesy of the seller) The owner and the buyer are still in the early stages of the project.

The price tag is currently $1,500,000.

The couple’s first mini-living space was purchased at the age of 14 in New York City.

The property was sold in 2008, and the home has since become a destination for vacationers.

The buyers will also move to the property in January 2019.

For more information on the project, visit TheRealHome.com.

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