A new house on the outskirts of Chicago is going to cost $30,000 and be completely renovated

A new house on the outskirts of Chicago is going to cost $30,000 and be completely renovated

The property in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood is going for $30 million and is being renovated to make it a two-story residence that will be a fully-furnished space for residents to live and work.

The project, which is slated to be completed in 2024, is a project of the Chicago Council for the Performing Arts, which says the house will be home to a dance studio, theater, theater and restaurant.

It will include a rooftop pool, two bedrooms and a “living room, dining room, and living area” that is going “to be a great home away from home for both guests and the community,” the council said in a press release.

“It’s going to be a perfect home for people who want to take their creative skills to the next level,” CPAAP Executive Director Michael Lacy said.

“This is going into the future and this is what’s going on today.”

The new house will feature a three-story building with a retractable roof, and it will be designed by the architecture firm Cascadian.

The architects behind the project are Chicago architects Bjarke Ingels Group and Novelli Architecture, the duo behind the historic Lincoln Center home.

The building will be surrounded by gardens, including a lush fountain with water features, a stone courtyard, a pavilion and a rooftop deck.

Lacy said the project will also include a fully functional kitchen, and the architects say they will be able to incorporate a “fresh, fresh-water-inspired design that is very accessible.”

“The house is going in a very well-planned way,” Lacy told ABC News.

“The layout of the house is to accommodate a lot of people.

We are looking for a place for them to live, work and play.””

It is going out of its way to make the most of this property,” he said.

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