Why you should love the pekinghouse app

Why you should love the pekinghouse app

You might have already heard about the peaking house, the home entertainment service that was recently acquired by Apple.

Apple reportedly paid $2 billion for the company last year.

Peaking house was designed to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go, Netflix and others.

In addition to the new Apple-owned peaking service, Peaking House also has a new version of the Peaking App, which lets you record a podcast or stream a movie to listen to on your TV.

Peeping house is also the new name for the app that lets you access and control the Peeking House Home Theater app on Apple TV.

But there’s more to Peeking than just the app.

The Peaking Home Theater App is the latest in Apple’s suite of apps that lets people record and share videos with friends and family on Apple’s devices.

Peeking was launched with the new HomeKit system in the new year.

In June, Apple announced that it would start charging developers for the ability to add a Peaking app to their devices.

The new app is designed to be the new way people share and record video, with all the same features as the Peeping House app.

You can stream live video to a TV, record audio and video on your Mac or PC, or send your videos to a phone or tablet for playback.

The app also offers a Peeking Assistant feature, which gives you a list of videos that are available to watch.

The video app lets you search by category, date, or actor, as well as by genre, rating, and popularity.

The best part?

Peeking is free.

The HomeKit app will work with Apple TV, Apple TV Stick, Mac and PC.

But the Peering app is currently limited to iOS devices.

But it’s on track to launch in the coming months, as Apple continues to roll out HomeKit to its HomeKit-enabled devices.

With Apple’s new acquisition of Peeking, the company is now able to bring Apple TV and Apple TV devices into the Peaky home entertainment ecosystem.

It’s going to be fun to see what the Peoking app can do.

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