What does the US want to do with the NBA and its franchises?

What does the US want to do with the NBA and its franchises?

FourFourtwo – The NBA is still in the middle of a lockout, and the league is in the process of deciding whether to re-sign players and teams that are in it for the long haul.

This is because of the two sides’ disagreement over the league’s long-term sustainability.

The NBA, however, wants to keep the teams, players and players’ representatives happy and has put a deadline of mid-June to get the matter resolved.

This is not a done deal and a decision on whether the league will re-negotiate its collective bargaining agreement is still pending.

But if the two parties can’t agree, then the NBA is set to hold a vote to determine whether the teams will stay or go.

The league, however has no intention of taking that vote, sources told FourFourSecond, and has already reached out to some of the players to see if they are interested in re-agreed to terms.

The league wants to ensure the players are happy, and if they don’t want to rejoin the league, then it wants to make sure the players understand they will not be eligible to play again until 2021.

“There are no new players coming in,” a league source told FourFiveSecond.

“It’s going to be very tough for the players.

They’re going to have to work very hard to get out of this situation.

It’s not going to end well.”

Players, though, are likely to be happy to hear that the league has no plans to rework the current deal, and is instead focused on the future of the NBA.

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