Which suburbs have the most vacant houses?

Which suburbs have the most vacant houses?

The suburb of Mohonk Mountain in the NSW south-west has a vacancy rate of 11.3 per cent, more than the national average of 9.2 per cent.

That’s compared to the national rate of 6.1 per cent and the national share of housing that’s vacant is 9.1 percent.

The city’s suburban house vacancy rate is at 6.9 per cent according to the latest data from Domain Group, the research firm that compiled the data.

In the Sydney suburb of Ballarat, the vacant house rate is 7.4 per cent compared to 6.3 percent in the national and 8.9 percent in New South Wales.

But in Hobart the rate is 6.4 percent compared to 7.3 in New England.

Nationally, the rate of vacant houses is 7 per cent in the capital city, but 7.5 per cent is also found in the suburbs of Hobart and Adelaide.

In Hobart, the vacancy rate in the suburban areas of the city is 12.5 percent, the national vacancy rate at 10.9 and the NSW share at 5.7 per cent of housing.

“The Sydney suburb has the highest vacancy rate among Sydney suburbs, and that’s a problem because that’s where most people live,” Domain Group chief executive Paul Thompson said.

He said the data showed that suburban houses were a critical part of the housing stock for the CBD, which was being “demolished”.

“We know that there’s a big gap in supply in that area, particularly in the inner-ring suburbs of the CBD,” Mr Thompson said, referring to the area around Sydney’s CBD.

Mr Thompson said a large part of Sydney’s housing crisis was because the housing supply was being destroyed.

“(The suburban house) was a critical piece of the supply chain, a key component of the residential supply chain.”

He said in the meantime, the city was planning to “do some things” to address the housing shortage.

The Domain Group survey found that the suburban house rate was “extremely rare” in the city, compared to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

More: In Hobarts, the average vacancy rate was 6.7 percent and the average NSW share was 6 per cent with the suburbs ranked the highest at 15.1.

For Hobart to have a vacancy-free housing stock, there must be at least 100 vacant houses, Domain Group’s data showed.

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