Kylie Jenner’s House in Dublin has reopened after fire

Kylie Jenner’s House in Dublin has reopened after fire

The former owner of a house on Dublin’s south side has reopened her house after a fire in the attic.

Key points:Residents say they have been unable to get out of the house since it collapsed on MondayResidents say the owner has not been forthcoming about repairs or insurance issuesThe fire is believed to have started inside the house and started on the roof and stairwellsResidents say there are no indications of who started the fire and there are fears it could have been deliberate.

The house is a four-bedroom house with a terrace and two bathrooms.

Residents in the neighbourhood say they live in a tight-knit community and had no idea that it had been affected by the fire.

“We’re not allowed to go out there unless we have an insurance cover, and I don’t have that.

I don, unfortunately, have any insurance cover,” said Rosie Macdonald.

“The owners have been really good at getting people out.

I haven’t seen anyone else get burned or injured.

The building is in good condition, there are lots of windows, it’s really neat, but it’s not a good time to be out there.”

I’m hoping that it will be okay, I’m hopeful it won’t burn down, and that the fire is not caused by someone deliberately throwing something.

“The owner of the property, who wished to remain anonymous, said she and her family had been unable “to get out” of the home for the past two days.”

There was no way to get outside because the fire was still going on inside the attic,” she said.”

My kids were playing in the backyard, and we couldn’t get out.

There was a fire extinguisher outside that said ‘no entry’.

“We’ve been able to get inside but the fire had already been started.”

She said it was a tough time for her family and they were not sure if they could move out or stay in the house.

“It’s been a real struggle,” she added.

“My husband is working at a business and he hasn’t been able do much, so he’s been working on getting back to his full-time job.”

She is hopeful that a new owner will come forward and provide her with the help she needs.

“You have to take the blame for your own house and not necessarily blame someone else, because there’s probably someone else who might have done this,” she explained.

“Maybe there’s some people who have not been careful, or maybe it’s just an accident that we have not had a proper fire prevention plan in place.”

But we’re still hoping that the owner comes forward and offers us the help we need.

I want to keep going, and try and make the best of it.

“She has since contacted the local council and has asked them to help make repairs and insurance cover available.

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