What you need to know about the Winchester house wannabe

What you need to know about the Winchester house wannabe

A couple weeks ago, I was driving through New York’s Williamsburg neighborhood when I spotted this gorgeous white house. 

It was just a couple houses down from the one I had just visited, but I hadn’t been there since I was a kid. 

And the way it looked from the street, it looked like a small house. 

 It was the Winchester House. 

But it wasn’t. 

The Winchester House was a replica, with a few additions. 

Here’s the exterior. 

You’ll notice the white trim on the house and its black trimming on the exterior walls. 

In the kitchen, it had an open plan, with white cabinets and cabinets in the front and a few shelves. 

I had never seen that before, and I’m really excited to get to check it out. 

What’s it about? 

I’ll let the house creator explain. 

Basically, it’s a house that’s been modified to look like the one the Winchester family owned in the mid-1800s. 

They didn’t have the time or money to fix up the house when they moved to New York, so they decided to build it out of materials they had on hand. 

There’s some interesting things about this house that I think you’ll like, and you can read about them here. 

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